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DNF Review


I think this was one of my quickest DNF yet - before I finished half of Chapter 1 - and that is saying something given that I try very hard not to. On the first page, the reader is introduced to Dr. Eleanor Kathleen Sullivan, Ellie:


Ellie was observed by three second-year surgical residents, who hung on her every word. She was a natural teacher and, unlike 90 percent of the surgeons on staff at St. Vincent's Hospital, didn't have much of an ego. She was amazingly patient...No question was deemed too insignificant or foolish, which was one of the many reasons they idolized her, and for the male residents, the fact that she was drop-dead gorgeous didn't hurt. Because she was such a talented surgeon and supportive teacher, all these fledgling doctors fought to sign up for her rotation. Ironically, what they didn't know was that she was younger than most of them.


I hated her on sight. I have no patience right now to deal with perfect, Mary Sue heroines. I don't know if this is an indefinite DNF or not. Maybe I'll give this book another try a few years down the line.


PS: My gratitude to Google Books for providing previews of the e-books they offer. In my haste to return and delete this digital loan from Overdrive, I forgot that I wanted to put a quote in a review to illustrate what it was that bothered me about this book.

Source: http://books.google.com/books/about/The_Ideal_Man.html?id=IDP7sGwCCDsC