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Not the Soul of a Musician Review


2 stars


Narrated by Jeff Woodman


The Book


This is not the type of book I usually read. Nonetheless, I found it interesting.


The author is one of those artistic people who have the soul of a musician. He interprets music by other composers; he feels what the music and/or musician is telling him; he understands it and loves it. I too grew up in a musical family. For almost 15 years I have had one form of musical instruction or another; most of those years were spent in private violin lessons. I do not have the soul of a musician. The way the author described music pieces by these classical artists? I never felt that. I enjoyed such music but never have I felt anything more nor was I able to interpret anything (without help).


It made me a bit wistful to realize that there is an artistic world out there that I am missing out on. But this was also one of the reasons why I found this book interesting. I got a glimpse of how some musicians see music. The author is currently in a long-term project to record Beethoven's sonatas, and it was interesting to see what the author thinks of his experience.


I did find this book a bit difficult to follow. The author constantly brought up specific music pieces of several composers and I found his interpretations and thoughts rather meaningless because I did not know what he was referring to. I would have liked to have heard the particular passages as he spoke about them in order to understand what he was saying better. The author also spoke of several musicians, a number of which he studied under, that I was not familiar with. The references to them were also lost on me.


I think that the target audience for this book is not to the general public but to the specific groups who are either dedicated musicians or have the soul of an artist - or both. I am neither and as such, this book did not entirely work for me.


The Narrator The narrator was decent. He used inflections, pauses, and tone well to capture the author's "voice". It sounded almost as if the author himself was either reading or narrating to us his story. I do not necessarily blame him for the fact that 2/3 times that I attempted this book, I tended to fall asleep.


In short, interesting but not for me.