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Kink Extreme Review

2.5 stars

I have mixed feelings about this book which makes it difficult to rate. On the one hand, in terms of the eroticism, I would rate it pretty high; I really liked it. On the other hand, I experienced some discomfort which ultimately had me rating somewhat lower. 

Why this book? This book was added to the bookshelf of one of my groups by the author under the tags for humiliation, multiple partners, non-con, public exhibition, etc. Given that I was browsing for something along those lines and with a 75% off discount code to Kobobooks on hand (handy for those new-to-me authors), it was a simple decision for me to purchase it.

The blurb is pretty accurate and gives a decent idea of what the story is about.

What I really liked about this book? The kinks worked for me. I found a new appreciation for office slave stories. Some of the humiliation that Kristin goes through was almost too much for me, e.g. having to urinate in front of others. Some didn't work for me, e.g. having to pretend to be losing her mind or acting like a "bimbo", going out in inappropriate clothes doing inappropriate things in public. I am also not a fan of watersports, and there is at least one scene with it. I liked the non-con nature, the forced intercourse with multiple partners, and the somewhat public nature of them in that her coworkers were able to hear her. Towards the close of the story, these scenes were more fade-to-black or exposition in favor of wrapping up the book.

What bothered me? On my initial read, I couldn't help feel a bit disturbed by a few things. There was a scene where Kristin and Henry go to a BDSM/sex toy shop. The people at the shop did not seem to realize that Kristin was not a voluntary sub/slave although she said, "No. I can't do this" and ran away. Instead, they said something ridiculous like, ""Once you get into it, you'll never want straight sex again." I dearly hope that this BDSM/sex toy shop was not supposed to be a safe and legal one: "We had some trouble with the law," Ray said. "Pretty much everything we do is legal, but you know how it is once you become a target."

While I was enjoying the abuse Kristin went through, at the same time, I started to feel uncomfortable and conflicted about it. I did not feel this way in other m/f non-con stories I've read. The tone in the book started sounding increasingly misogynistic to me as if reveling in the humiliation and objectification of women (in a bad way). I think part of the reason why I started feeling this way was because of how many men were involved and how all of those men had something against Kristin i.e. she had been arrogant; had not been kind to them; the men felt that she was a sex tease, etc. This tone in the book also made me start to wonder about the author, which normally doesn't happen to me when I read, and made me feel worse. It was also unbelievable that Kristin's colleagues and coworkers would believe that she was starting to lose her mind, having a nervous breakdown, or was acting inappropriately all of a sudden on her own, which made their participation - tacit or otherwise - disturbing. But due to the over the top scenario, the book seemed to go from book-with-a-plot to book-with-a-fantasy, and this dichotomy didn't work for me.

In short, I liked the abuse but I didn't care for the tone and of the message it seemed to send. I might try another office slave story to see whether this tone is typical.