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It Was the Author Review
I did enjoy the book. The author had a style of writing that I found easy to read. She translated medical jargon so that lay persons could understand. I appreciated her stories of what she went through as a nurse and how she handled things.
On the other hand, while I enjoyed reading all these stories about different cases, I did not really feel like these stories had a connection with each other. It made the book feel as if the author was just going over different patients' stories, the things she did and felt, and then attempted to find a lesson as almost an afterthought. Some of those lessons felt repetitive. There was also an undertone in the author's voice - the words or particular phrase that she used - that put me off slightly. I hesitate to call it arrogance, but it might be close. This slight undertone to the author's voice was the main reason that this book is a 3 star rating, and why I may end up deciding against getting a copy of my own.